Egyptian: Labor and Fabric

Egyptian: Labor and Fabric


Hold, pause, yes it is - as important to you as anybody else. It is great to hold, wear or use a piece that would not fail you or your expectations. Egyptian natural materials such as cotton and leather are rather authentic in look and feels organic! Sustainability in textile production a full 'force of nature'. Known fact that Egyptian laborers are cost-effective, skilled force with a "find a way" approach.  Egyptian cotton retained it's position of the finest natural fibers in the world for its incomparable strength, soft weave with heightened versatility, natural gloss, catching the light and emitting remarkable hints of pearl.  'Egypt, the Ideal Sourcing Destination of Fibers, Yarns & Fabrics.' Precision achieved when quality is best administered and focused on with attention to details and passion to delivering #Exceeding the unexpected.

Did you know?

Egypt is the largest producer of Extra-long- staple cotton in Africa.

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