Leather has always had a spot in every one's wardrobe and hearts, loved for its flexibility and durability. Looks sharp and feels cozy categorized by grains. Authentic look and feel of high quality that captures your mark. Reflecting its luxurious unique surface and its flaws, if any. A full-grain leather product, adequately cared for, can provide years and years of value to its owner and will grow more beautiful as it develops the warm patina for which high-quality full-grain leathers are known. Giving you an artistic look, that leaves you feeling on point unique and vintage.

Types of Leather Grades

  • Top grain (grain leather)- when corrected in anyway
  • Full grain (grain leather) - processed using soluble dyes to maintain their natural markings and texture
  • Split leather -  the part where it splits off from the grain junction, not nearly as strong or durable
  • Bonded leather - shredded leather scraps and bits reconstructed with a filler 

Most common mistake/perception made by vast amount of people is the believe that "genuine leather" implies the credibility and authenticity of the leather. Think again, unlike the actual definition of "Genuine" being the opposite of fake, however in leather this is not the case! In fact "Genuine leather" is the name/ type of low quality split leather🎭


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