Goodness recognition.

Life style, symbol of simplicity. Reflecting decluttered spaces and minds.

Being actively mindful of the necessities and allow room for creativity. The Leisure of minimal in learning to live with less, to see the world differently- or perhaps as it has always been. Every scale of nature's materials and elements are adequate enough to fit all, while providing comfort in the experience. Our intake on simplicity in choices and significance of natural essentials. Nothing about basic is really basic.

It is one of the most styles holding much significance in todays world, whether it was in art and literature, to clothing, music to architecture and much more. You probably are a fan of minimalism without realizing so yourself! Minimalism definitely is never about lavish but is certainly not the absenteeism of composition either. During the 60’s, minimalism continued the movement of  rejecting posh and highly-extravagant styles of the past. The extreme focus on garnish became so dense that in fact has sabotaged the actual function of the piece itself.

Garnish or function? how much could you take away somethings from a piece, yet retain its essential meaning and personality Honestly, #minimalism is an ocean of definitions, however close, yet #Different.



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