The single most primary sense of nature’s touch and comfort. Light weighted feather touch sensation that is breathable, durable and absorbent. #Become one with authenticity. Natural fabrics, should they be made of animal origin, plants, or earth elements, and tissue – almost always results in an overall experience of comfort and compatibility. One thing for certain is, the ability of mixing and matching natural fabrics brings about feelings and senses that last longer, feel better, and impact your overall experience.

Egyptian Cotton has a long heritage of providing divine comfort to people all the way across the world and played a huge role in shaping Egypt's prosperous economy. Stunning quality and luxury, Egyptian cotton has always been recognized for strength, durability and magnificent softness.

Did you know?

In 1862 - Egypt's cotton secured the reputation of fortune and luxury 💸

During the chaos of American Civil War, the Europeans were drove to buy Egyptian cotton as they struggled to keep their mills running. It was said that by that time the prices heightened securing egyptian cotton's reputation. 

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