All about clothes - Fits, size and colors

All about clothes - Fits, size and colors

It is always nice to find your “just right” piece. The factors put into it, is really all that matters. However how can one always find that “perfect piece “. It is really easy, you just need to find a brand willing to go the extra mile! The fit usually depends on the material that sits right or drapes elegantly and that soft texture for your senses. As for the size; it is always best followed by charts and measurement instructions.

Building your wardrobe made easier if you establish a strong foundation of basic casuals. From the staples, you would be able to add in novelty and a flare of classics. Nailing any look starts with essentials, once you have decided on your favorite pieces or fits - it is then just a matter of putting the outfits together.

Pairing to your liking never fails:

  1. Same color - (Solid Blues and neutrals wardrobe foundation). Helps elongates the body to appear taller and thinner without cutting the body visually in two. This clean casual look is a great way to highlight favorite accessories like shoes or a awesome belt for a more confident look.
  2. Color on color - (all colors can have a warm or cool flare). The slightest color difference between a top and bottom can hugely impact difference in the feeling of the outfit. Royal blue bottoms with a lighter shade of blue top is a great example of a shade on shade outfit. Your options are endless, however chrome shades gives off a more modern look.
  3. Color top/Neutral bottom and vice versa -(ground your colors back to neutrals and wear darker colors for a more serious casual style).The easiest way to adding more color to your color choose blue, olive, and burgundy. On the contrary, adding jeans and chinos or classic colors such as Olive bottoms can make another great option FYI- olive can be considered neutral!
  4. Neutral on Neutral - Dark wash and regular wash denim can be used as neutrals for more than one occasion. the more you fit pieces into your life, the more classic it becomes.

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