One off Vs Mass Production ⚖

One off Vs Mass Production ⚖

Definitely a lot in brief.

Having to produce a lot of look a likes, overlooking at times - quality and attention to details. More like juggling, never quite achieving a 100%. 

Neither one is good or bad, it all depends on what you’re looking for. Mass production for alot and at times might have defaults. That extra mile, remember? Yes, finding one that produces your pieces with care, attention and simplicity ALL THE TIME; you just scored jack pot. If you really want different and precise, our intake on one off production is our adopted concept of use. #obsessiveattention

The four scales of production: 

  • One-off production/prototype

The expensive and highly skilled workers needed option! bespoke to perfection, with excessive amount of attention, care and precision. your made to order/measure clothing  produced to a very high quality.

  • Batch production

The production of many items at once, either specific or identical . Usually includes fashion and seasonal pieces which rapidly change, but needs skillful labors and wastes time when reconditioning. When a products are made by batch, can often be way more cheaper per piece than making a one off.  

  • Mass production

LLARGE VOLUMES! often made using machinery and line laborers used to assembly parts together and/or cast standardized  factors like buttons, buckles or zips. Plain T-shirts, uniform shirts, socks etc. Bulk materials remain cheaper to buy, however high cost of setting up such factor lines.

  • Continuous production

The none stop production - 365 days a year. Producing massive amounts of a product with low cost. Nevertheless same as mass production, the setup is expensive and finite to a small  it is expensive to set up and is limited to a small spectrum of products.

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