What you want to know, Like a #Boss

What you want to know, Like a #Boss

The struggle is real! I for one feel stuck in my 20’s; dressing at a constant speed of zero to none. We tend to dress in one of two ways: dressing up or down depending on the occasion, our mood or lifestyle.

Why Does it Matter?

Clothes matter greatly, in appearance (which will impact your mood), comfort, time, first impressions and how you feel about yourself.

Even if you are anything like me- “stuck”- you would still need clothes, whatever the perspective of your demand is, you cannot ignore the significance of having a wardrobe made to your comfort.

On one side the struggle immerses from either having time to shop, sense of style, the stress of following trends, the guide or the trust in the brand. Overwhelming. The reason why clothes and age go hand in hand is because of the settings we are bound to be exposed to, differs. From work to family and social settings determines the look you are expected to wear. But what if cracking the code of all is by following a hard to miss staple(s)?

How to?

Remember it is not the clothes, it is what it does for you. When you were in your 20s you perhaps had minimum resources and ways to “dress to impress” – however we had the energy to go around shopping sprees for days all for that one special piece; that one that is trending between your peers regardless of how flattering, comfortable or convenience.

The discrepancy between our lives in the late teens and early 30s to 40s is substantial. Your style and preferences are likely to change as you get older; it affects not just the places you shop at but your shopping habits. But did you know this is not as scary and hard to do.


Have you heard of wardrobe staples before? yes that, things that are unchangeable must haves, regardless of occasions, lifetime or season – defying trends yet remain trendy.

Let’s go through a list of intersecting essentials ( for both Men and Women) on this post and then #gap out the pieces that don’t, on another dedicated blog(s), shall we;

  1. Denim:

You can NEVER go wrong; however, ladies do consider the cut - rather than following the trend of low or full-on high waist, why not go for a mid-rise (Men that ‘rise’ is no struggle for you!). Remember no holes, marks or wash outs stick to SOLID colors (Blue and Black at most).  However, the ‘fit’ that compliments your golden group, and settings go to, would be a nice pair of Skinny and/or Slim fit.

  1. Refined Tee:

A perfect put-on solution of slim fit (Crew neck and V-neck) SOLID color tees in 100% cotton, offers the comfort and breathable flex for your everyday. Dressed up or down sure nails your look.

  1. Shirt:

Whether these are Oxfords (Slim Fit) or long sleeve buttoned down shirts (Loose Fit), it can always be a quick fix to look smart coupled with a high-quality (Slim fit) chinos or denims.

  1. Polo:

Yet another elevated piece for your casual and smart casual wardrobe, one that looks good regardless of the event and compliments almost every other piece in your capsule. Do not turn to skinny fit ones – you need to contemplate breathable, comfortable and motion enabling body love.

  1. Chinos (trousers):

Like denims, both trousers are the most popular type, both being around for over centuries. However, back then jeans were viewed as a more casual attire, while chinos were for a more dress up look. Nowadays, it is all about how you style both rather than the conceived notion around it. Your fit is key and for this you need to consider them not falling off your waist if there were no belts involved.

  1. Chinos (shorts):

Those darlings for both men and women in their 30s-40s; got your back! Short in length does not necessarily mean cliché (again perspective is style). A suitable slim fit pair of shorts tailored to comfort and class, tossing in your SOLID shirts tucked in with matching loafers giving you a smart casual look. Another way can be tucking in one front side and matching them with sneakers or leather slippers showing off your effortless polished look.

  1. The Blazer:

Business casual must have – easily thrown in with anything to elevate the look and gives out a professional look regardless of what you are wearing. Look out for the modern slim, tailored fit slightly loose through the midsection. You need a slight pull to it when buttoned up, look out for one that glides, rather than clutches.

  1. The Leather Belt:

You might want to invest in one (or more), given belts should complement your shoe color and stand up to the finishing. It is after all a necessary accessory, why not get ones that would last the number of wears and still bring on that lofty look.

# Tips and Reminders

Remember comfort is everything, do not sacrifice it because if it does not extend quality and flex, confidence and class; it is not worth having!


We will revisit the essentials in depth for each piece and their sought-after colors; so, stay tuned! And rest assured that even colors have an aspect of essentialism to it. We have only scratched the surface with spring/summer essential pieces. Might seem like a lot to take in but once you have all the information you need, you will realize it is quite simple (not easy) and does not need to be complicated.

Last but not least, take a minute to skim through our ‘shop by look’ category for a quick how to style and what colors to match. Till then stay safe and see you on the upcoming blogs.


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